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FX TECHNOLOGY Motor and Generator repair division has been expanded over the last few years and we are now able to handle AC and DC Equipment repairs and rewinds up to 1000 Hp. Our total workshop area incorporating the rewind, dismantling, assembling, mechanical fitting, Fabrication, Machining, Test, Painting and Storage Areas.


We have a very highly trained workforce, of Armature and motor Winders, Electrical and Mechanical Fitters.


FX TECHNOLOGY can cater for all types of AC and DC Motor and Generator repairs, refurbishment and rewinds. We are specialists in the repair and rewind of Hazardous Area Motors and Generators.

Drilling rig DC Traction motors and main generators are another specialist area of ours for repairs, rewinds and project refurbishment either in our workshops or on location. Please note that the smallest motors are catered for by FX TECHNOLOGY, for many of these are special design and are just as vitally important to our customers.


FX TECHNOLOGY currently store and supply a full Range of new standards and 'ex' motors. We hold up to 500 Hp in stock, along with the associated control gear.


We provide our customers with a experienced on site electric motor and generator service, for fault finding refurbishment, repairs and specialist services such as dynamic balancing and vibration analysis.





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