High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF) is a process to apply very dense, strongly adhered coatings.  A fuel (commonly kerosene or hydrogen) is mixed with oxygen and ignited in combustion chamber.  The combustion gases are accelerated through a nozzle.  Powder is introduced into the gas stream where it softens and gathers speed before coating onto the sprayed surface.


HVOF coatings are commonly used as a hard chrome replacement process and produce very dense, hard wearing coatings.


Metalizing process offers two variants of HVOF Pistol Control Consoles to operate either liquid fuel or gas fuel HVOF pistols.  We also offer our own liquid fuel gas pistol.Machining and grinding  the surface is part of the process.



roll repair (before)
roll repair after satin chrome
capstan hvof metalizing
hvof metalizing
capstan and sprocket hvof metalizing
capstan metalising
hvof parts metalizing
capstan hvof metalizing
capstan ground finish